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Employee Training (Group)

As an investment in your most valuable assets (your employees) or to maximize operational procedures and training programs, The Training Center is your partner for on-site and on-going programming.

We work as consultants to your business and become personal coaches to develop your employees, making them more knowledgeable, confident, and ready to carry on your business.

Because each organization and each employee is different, employee training is a customized resource for you. We tailor the program to specifically address and meet your needs. During the training process, The Training Center becomes an extension of your team in and effort to identify current procedures and environments. Based on that evaluation, The Training Center develops a customized training program that will be most effective.

Typical areas of training include but are not limited to:
Personal hygiene
Coaching and managing employees
Food safety
Alcohol Service

Employee training by The Training Center is a great way to reinforce both other employee programs and state/local regulations. Employees can apply their knowledge with skilled implementation. Conducted in your location at a time that fits your operations schedule, the training sessions can become standard protocol providing your employees with constant and consistent messaging.

To get started or to make the most of your current training program, contact The Training Center to schedule an appointment at or call toll free at 1.877.216.3869 to schedule a consultation.