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Restaurant Consulting

Custom on-site training programs for both the front and back of house operations. For more information contact us at

Food Service Inspections

On-site food service evaluation with digital pictures and an operation report. This tool achieves tremendous impact with your team to improve your food service in overall food safety, cleanliness, sanitation, and organization practices. We are the third-party audit company that makes a difference!

To get started with changing your operation. Please contact Training Center to assist you in learning more or scheduling a class in your area.

Restaurant Owners!!

All food establishments that have a critical violation during a health inspection are subject to closure regardless of the score received on the inspection report. Food establishments that score below seventy percent (70%) twice within a twelve (12) month period are subject to closure and the filing of a court case.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Request an Independent Audit or Owner Initiated Inspection from The Training Center. We will provide you with an unannounced health inspection by a CDM/ CFPP, Inspector within 5 calendar days following receipt of your payment. Get a peace of mind by knowing that you are doing every thing you possibly can to prevent food borne illness outbreaks, keep a clean kitchen, protect yourself from lawsuits and comply with health regulations.

Know where your restaurant, market, bakery, bar, food vehicle or kitchen's compliance is when it comes to food safety. You can let the Health Department tell you your compliance and close your doors, or you can have us tell you and you can use it as a training tool for your self and your employees.

Put 17 years of our experience in the food service industry to work for you!