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ServSafe Certifications

ServSafe® is a food safety program providing high-quality food safety education and training materials for the restaurant and foodservice industry. Advancing food safety training for more than 25 years, the ServSafe ® program is recognized and accepted by more federal, state and local jurisdictions than any other food safety program. User-friendly and flexible, ServSafe ® training materials provide a complementary mix of components to satisfy each level of an operator’s food safety needs. Successful completion of this training earns the nationally recognized “Food Protection Management Certification.”

Mandatory measures to protect your operation and customers from foodborne illnesses, these training classes raise awareness, eliminate risk factors and provide you with the knowledge you and your staff need to run a quality and food safe operation.

If you’re not in compliance or your employees need re-certification, The Training Center, Inc. will help make the certification process manageable!

Key Takeaways include:

Importance of proper personal hygiene
Time and temperature monitoring
Proper food storage in all areas
Proper cleaning and sanitation procedures
Cross-contamination prevention
The training you need.

The authority in food safety training, The Training Center, offers ServSafe® training when and where you need it.

With The Training Center, there is no trade-off or sacrificing time or profits in exchange for the right training! Getting the training your company needs is easy. Simply select the training program that is right for your organization or ask one of our team members which program will benefit you most!

Who should attend?

Retailers • Manufacturers • Processors • Operators • Handlers

Restaurants / Caterers / Bars / Taverns / Pubs / Hotels / Social Clubs / Night Clubs / Airports / Stadiums / Arenas / Gaming Halls / Riverboats / Casinos / Cruise Ships / Carnivals / Festivals / Amusements

Supermarkets / C-stores / Bakeries / Delis / Snack Bars / Kiosks / Colleges & Universities / Schools / Business & Industry / Healthcare / Senior Centers / Health Clubs